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You can seriously get a Free Flatscreen TV LCD Monitor! This is NOT a joke and HAS been legit several times by major news networks, magazines, and online sites. Read below for more proof and info on how you can get your Free Flatscreen TV LCD Monitor now, and enjoy using the best TVs or LCD monitor today (or sell it on eBay for TONS of profit!). Seriously!

Free Flatscreen TV LCD Monitor! Get a Flatscreen Monitor Now!

Free LCD Flatscreens!

How do you get a Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor, you ask?

Free Flatscreen TV/LCD MonitorSimple. I'll be getting a Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor from the FreebieJeebie's Network and you can too! It's so easy to benefit from this system, and it HAS been proven legit, so why not get your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor now?

If you follow the steps below correctly, you'll get your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor right NOW! You can then enjoy some of the best lcd/tv monitors in the market today, or sell it on eBay for TONS of profit!

Read on...

How does this work? Is this a scam?

If you need proof and more info, how all this works exactly, and why this is NOT a scam, please check the proof and info section. If you have any questions, please post a comment. I'll answer them ASAP. If you've already witnessed getting freebies before, read on to know how you can get your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor!

If you still have ANY questions or doubts and would like a personal response from me, please post a comment below and I'll promptly answer it. Or, if you would rather talk to me LIVE, click the support button image on the right.

Steps to get your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor...

Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor - Step 1 Signup for your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor via either of these links:

18+ only: FreebieJeebie's Free TV * Millions of free gifts sent!

All you need to do is click on that link to go to the site's main page, enter a valid email address and all the other details (so that they can ACTUALLY SEND YOU your freebie and make sure the signup process is legitimate). Do NOT fake this info, or you will risk NOT getting your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor, when the company is REQUIRED to do so!

All the info you're entering is TOTALLY safe and secure. Like the privacy policy of the site states, it is NOT sold to any advertisers or will be used to spam your email address. You can, however, except some spam from doing "offers" from advertisers that sponsor your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor (which I'll explain below), so feel free to create a new email web-based account. I would strongly recommend Gmail, but feel free to create one wherever you like!

Also note, I may also send you ONE email once you signup, perhaps within a day or so, if you need help with anything whatsoever. If not, post a comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP. If you need a personal reply please also leave your email address. :)

Just Some Basic Rules... VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!!!

The ONLY reason people don't get freebies from companies like these is because they scam the company in some way. DO NOT EVER, and I really mean EVER, do this! The simple rules includes, but is not limited to:

- having people from the same network (school/dorm room/workplace/house/library) signup on the same site!
- signing up and using fake registration information on the freebie site and for the advertisers "offer" (look below)
- using proxies to spawn fake referrals (i.e. you creating multiple accounts under a different IP), or by signing up for the same site twice (AOL is considered a proxy, so avoid using it)
- doing "offers" more than once -- you can only do ONE offer ONCE, and NEVER do it ever again!
- allowing your referrals to check their account status on your computer, and vice-versa
- publicly telling people to cancel offers or showing them how to do so
- telling people to do the exact same offers as you - give them a choice of good ones and let THEM decide

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rules or want to know what other ways a company restrict giving you a Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor, please post a comment, or visit: -- read the "Some basic rules to follow..."

To summarize: All you have to do is, just sign up once on the freebie site and for the "offer", have your friends sign up from their own computers, and only have one account per household. Simple enough, right?

Bottom line: NEVER try to "beat the system" and scam the freebie companies!

Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor - Step 2 Complete ONE TRIAL offer

Immediately after signing up, you'll an 'OFFERS' tab on top. Go there and scroll through the variety of offers available. Most of these offers are no-risk, free trial offers. If you decide you want to end the trial you may easily do so with no charge at all ($0) and keep the credit. You're free to choose whatever offer interest you most!

Keep in mind that you need to do this step RIGHT AWAY to ensure quick and easy credit (takes about 5-15 min).

What you need to know about offers...

As you'll notice below, all the offers are not free! They usually are, but not all of them - they are, however, EXTREMELY cheap (like under $10 maximum)! Just read and understand the requirements of what you need to do to get your credit right away.

Offers that took people, including myself, under 10 minutes to do. Countries in brackets means that it only works in those countries.

* Intuit (Worldwide) - Free Trial! Check out a great website building service.
To get credit: Register for the 30 day no obligation free trial.

* HomeStead (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand) - Free Trial! Just like Intuit.
To get credit: Register for the 30 day no obligation free trial.

* WorldWinner (Worldwide) - Get freebies and make money! What is better than that?
To get credit: Register, deposit just $10, and play $5 in cash entry fees.

* Pingo (Worldwide) - Check it out for just $1. Paypal is accepted.
To get credit: Register and try out the service. It is pretty awesome!

* (US/Canada) - Win Big Money!
To get credit: Signup, make a very small deposit, play 3 cash games.

* Video Professor (US/Canada) - Free Trial! Learn software for free.
To get credit: Order any FREE computer lesson (like Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc).

* ID Promise (US) - 14 day trial for just $1. Your daily coffee cost more than that!!!
To get credit: Register for the trial and get credit immediately.

* (US) - Free Trial! Know your credit score.
To get credit: Sign up for the FREE 7 day trial with no obligation.

* Bingo Cabin / Bingo Cafe (Canada, UK) - Win Big Money! I PROFITED ~$100 after my deposit.
To get credit: Signup, make a small deposit, play some games.

* Love Film (UK) - Free Trial! Like the USA Blockbuster offer. Watch movies!
To get credit: Sign up for the free 2 week trial and rent a dvd. Takes 2 weeks to credit.

* AA Credit Card (UK) - Don't have a credit card? Get one with this freebie offer!
To get credit: Apply and be accepted for the AA credit card.

* Steelers Shot Glass - Get a cool shot glass for just $2.95.
To get credit: Sign up to get a shot glass.

Before doing an offer...

1. Use the Internet Explorer browser (do not risk other browsers as it's known not to keep track properly) and change the settings so it accepts ALL cookies (if you don't know how, Google has great, simple instructions). Do not be afraid! Cookies are only used to track that you did the offer correctly AND for you to get credit. If you don't get credit for doing the offer, this is the #1 reason why problems are caused.

2. Disable anti-popup/cookie blockers temporarily (you can re-enable them AFTER the offer is completed)

3. Read ALL the terms and requirements of the offer before signing up for the offer. Make sure you fully understand what's required of you to get credit - whether it be signing up for a free trial subscription or ordering a free sample.

4. Keep track of the offer details (like in an Excel spreadsheet) that stores information like the name of the offer, price, credit time, what site you did it on, customer support details, etc. This information will remind you of what offers you did, so you NEVER repeat it again.

5. KEEP any confirmations that you did the offer, such as a screenshot or an email confirmation. If you don't get credit soon, you'll need it to get manual credit.

Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor - Step 3 Spread the Word - refer friends to do the exact same thing!

Now that you did your offer (try to do this FIRST), you should refer as many friends as the reward needs. You'll will find your referral link on your status page once you login, and on the same page you will see all your referrals who signed up under you as well.

There are TONS of ways to refer people. However, do so in methods that are not considered spam. If you're reported to the site as a spammer, your account would be placed on hold - and no Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor will be created for you!

When you give your link out to people make sure they follow the same instructions mentioned on this site. Might as well point them to this site instead of re-iterating what I said, right?

Suggestions to get referrals...

1. Get friends/family/relatives to signup under you. They could be ANYONE (outside of your household or workplace or dorm room or library - basically, NO PUBLIC network) !!! They could even be your co-workers, boyfriend/girlfriend, teacher/professor, etc. This is, by far, the fastest and most reassuring way to get your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor faster!

2. Go to some forums, and if it isn't considered spam, post your link there. You could even place a link in your sig (aka. signature) to the freebie site where it is usually allowed.

3. Make a blog like this (DO NOT copy my site though) and post your link, or if you have a website, post it there!

4. Be creative! Try this...

- Prove to your friends that this system ain't a scam and complete your offer immediately! This way you can tell your referrals which offer you did, how much it cost you , and how quick and easy it really was.

- Although I wouldn't suggest it, perhaps bribe your referrals in some way ;)

- Buy your referral a lunch or a treat as a "thank you" for helping you out.

-> Just remember to tell your referrals how all this works just like how I explained it to you. I can assure and guarantee you that any "open-minded" person will take you up on this opportunity to get a Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor when they really isn't any risk whatsoever! This has been proven legit system worldwide and you can point them to the TONS of proof readily available on my site.

Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor Enjoy your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor!

Now that you've done all the requirements (ie. you signed up via the above link, did your offer and got credit, and got the required referrals and they got credit for their offer too), your account will be verified for any cases of fraud. If you legitimately tried to complete the site and did not scam them in any way, you will be guaranteed a Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor, for the freebie company are required to give you one!

After your account is approved, your order for a Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor will be placed, and your order for Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor will be received at your doorstep - you don't even pay any shipping/handling fees! That is covered in your Free Flatscreen TV/LCD Monitor deal too! You can then enjoy one of the latest lcd/tv monitors on the market, or sell it for TONS (and I mean that, since you got it for free) of profit on eBay!


If you still have ANY questions or doubts and would like a personal response from me, please post a comment below and it will be answered promptly (leave an email address so that I contact you directly - I can't answer all questions here). Or, if you would rather talk to me LIVE, look at the top-right corner. Or, if you would like my email and/or AOL contact, do let me know that too. I'm here to make this freebie experience for you a REALITY asap and I WILL GUARANTEE you that!

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